Bureau BB brings about transformation in its clients with determination and focus through inspiration and realization.

The services of Bureau BB are:

CONCEPTS & CREATION: I offer structure amidst chaos and guide the process of concept development. From the concept manifesto and briefing to the realization of the sustainable end concept. Specifically, I have developed a 6-month Concept Realization Program for entrepreneurs in the Retail and Hospitality industries.

INTERIOR DESIGN: I leverage my interior design knowledge in bringing the concept to life. Thanks to my expertise in materials, sustainability, and interior design, the new concept is brought from paper to reality in collaboration with the right partners.

CURATED INSPIRATION: I organize inspirational tours in London to stimulate creative thinking, team bonding, and new ideas. One tour is specifically focused on London Design Week, and within the Concept Realization Program, I design a specially curated tour for the development of the new retail or hospitality concept.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: I take on Project Management, ensuring a flawless execution of the concept and providing total support. Additionally, I work with companies that also require focus, determination, and connection during project realization within the organization, with time, quality, and budget being crucial focus points.

At Bureau BB, I place great value on providing peace of mind to my clients. I guide them through every step of the process and ultimately help them successfully realize their vision.

For more information and a non-committal introductory conversation, please contact me at: or through the contact form on this website.

My General Terms and Conditions apply to the services of Bureau BB.