My name is Berna Bakker and after an exciting 4 years of adventure in London I am back home in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

My interest in interior design goes way back. I have had a love for aesthetics for as long as I can remember. From an early age I have been fascinated by fashion, cosmetics, photography, art, interior design and architecture.

I have qualified in Marketing Management and for the last 14 years have managed projects within the retail industry. In collaboration with various companies and concept agencies I have developed a wide range of retail concepts both food and non-food.┬áThis has involved all stages from the drawing board to overseeing construction, speaking to architects and specialist, organising licenses, designing fixtures and making decisions both onsite and offsite. I have opened approximately 50 new and refurbished stores, from boutiques for cosmetic brands and fashion stores to coffee houses and food take away’s. With the cooperation of renowned concept agencies and A-brands, which I am proud to have been part of, existing, new and further developed concepts have been created such as AH to go, HEMA, Mooi parfumerie, Rituals, Sissy Boy, Paperchase and NS StationsHuiskamer.

With this experience and with my Interior Design Qualification gained in London I founded in 2020 Bureau BB Interior Design.

As an Interior Designer I will create the home where you feel at home and deliver a space for your brand where your clients love to be. A timeless space with respect for nature and an emphasis on sustainability, that is my passion.

Berna Bakker